İstifadə olunmuş Lightlink P3.9 Outdoor Glory E

LEDs: Nationstar LED

İ C:ICN 2053

Kart qəbul edilir: Novastar A4S

Kabinet ölçüsü:500 × 1000

İstehsal ili: 2022

Stock : 30 kv

Sitat soruşun:

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Adı (surəti)


Shenzhen Lightlink was established in 2009, based on the concept of “professional performing arts, showing the world’s wonderful” it took 9 years to grow into a leading enterprise in the field of LED display rental. , has been focusing on the research and development production, sales and service of LED rental screens, small-pitch LED displays, LED color screens, LED floor tiles and other products for many years, and has always been committed to high-quality guaranteed, and all-round professional LED displays. Products and solutions are provided. Its products occupy 49% of the domestic stage rental market and are sold to more than 130 countries and regions. The products are widely used in large-scale conferences e-sports events, sports events, international conferences, stage.

Lightlink Led Displays P3.91 Glory E 1000 is a High-End Rental LED Display, it adopts a Lightweight and fully modularized design and is suitable for large events.

Lightlink Glory Advantages

Front & rear maintenance

Fully wireless & magnetic module design; Detachable control box by hand only with screws

Güclü sabitlik

Gilt & fool-proofing design on connectors for better oxidation resistance and connecting stability

Yüksək güc

Magnesium alloy panels with better strength, impact resistance and radioresistance

Applied TG(150℃) PCB

Applied TG(150℃) PCB to avoid short circuit and ensure the flexibility of PCB

Diversified Design

Available in angled /90° installation /mesh design

Dual anti-collision design:

anti-collision PCB with great impact resistance + corner protection

Lightlink Glory Features:

  • Modullaşdırılmış dizayn
  • Detachable control box + Base plate + Magnetic module
  • High IP rate for outdoor
  • Front&rear IP65
  • Mesh design
  • Lighter, better windproof, and heat dissipation
  • Angled installation
  • Convex/concave 0°,±5 ° ,±10 °

Lightlink Glory P3.91 parameters

  • Piksel aralığı (mm) 3.9
  • LED type SMD 1921 3 in1
  • Scan method 1/8 s
  • Modulun təsvir ölçüsü (Piksel) 64*128
  • Module size(mm) 250*500
  • Piksel Sıxlığı (Piksel/㎡) 65,536
  • Brightness(cd/㎡) 5000/3000
  • Şkafın çəkisi (kq) ≈11
  • Təzələmə tezliyi (Hz) ≥3840
  • Giriş gərginliyi(V)AC100-240
  • Max Input frequency(Hz)50/60
  • Maksimum Giriş Gücü(W/m²)≈600
  • Orta Giriş Gücü(W/m²)≈300
  • Ömrü (H)≥50,000