7 Ən yaxşı Polşa LED Ekran Təchizatçısı

Are you looking for the best Polish LED screen supplier? Here, we can quickly list several top options according to customer evaluation and supplier capabilities.



LEDTECHNOLOGY is a leading Polish manufacturer of LED displays, established in 2008. It serves both domestic and international markets, offering innovative and functional devices. The company prides itself on a long-term development strategy that has cultivated a passionate team of electronic engineers, programmers and designers.

LEDTECHNOLOGY is committed to innovation, setting new trends and implementing cutting-edge solutions in the LED display. Challenges are welcomed so that products can be adapted to new market needs and applications. Customer satisfaction is paramount, with individual attention from sales managers who advise rather than just sell. 

LEDTECHNOLOGY emphasizes quality, advanced technology and the ability to customize displays for unique customer requirements. 


  • Leading position in the LED display market.
  • Innovative and functional products.
  • Dedicated team of experts.
  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to adapt products to specific needs.
  • Continuous product development and improvement.

LED ekranlar

  • Sport LED Perimeters
  • LED Mesh Screen
  • LED reklam yük maşını
  • Rental screens
  • Şəffaf LED Ekranlar

TDC Polska

TDC Polska is a pioneering supplier of multimedia display solutions in Europe, renowned for its comprehensive approach to projects. From the initial idea to implementation, production, installation and management, TDC Polska offers in-depth consultancy, staff training and 24-hour technical support. 

As a direct manufacturer or importer of all LED displays, the company ensures the highest quality control. With extensive experience and expertise in LED screens, interactive kiosks, digital signage systems, multimedia applications and more, TDC Polska serves a global clientele in the corporate, private and public sectors. 

TDC Polska prides itself on its ability to tailor solutions to client needs and its agility in adopting new technologies and trends to provide the most effective solutions.


  • Full project support from inception to management.
  • Direct control of product quality.
  • Extensive experience and professionalism in multimedia solutions.
  • Global service delivery to a diverse clientele.
  • Customised solutions and adaptability to new technologies.
  • Continuous improvement of quality policy.




ECO LED is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality electronic displays and large-format vision screens using the latest LED technology. Based in Kielce, the company attracts customers nationwide with its products featuring advanced SMD 3in1 (1R1G1B) NATION STAR LEDs with a remarkable R:G:B/3:6:1 colour ratio. 

Their LED displays are renowned for their vibrant colours (16.7 million shades), clarity and ability to dynamically change content, including 2D, 3D images, text and HD video. 

With a 140-degree wide viewing angle, ECO LED ensures excellent picture quality and content reception. The product range includes Mono HD Series displays, FullColor Series screens, large format indoor and açıq LED ekranlar, route boards, LED boards for trucks, petrol station pylons and pharmacy crosses. ECO LED invites advertising agencies and distributors to explore cooperation opportunities.


  • Advanced SMD LED technology for superior colour and clarity.
  • Wide range of products to meet different needs.
  • Ability to display high-definition and dynamic content.
  • Wide viewing angle for optimal content reception.
  • National customer base and agency collaboration opportunities.


  • Q-8 Premium Series
  • Q-5 Prestige Series
  • Z-PixQ8 Series
  • Z-PixQ6.66 Series
  • Z-PixQ5 Series
  • Z-PixQ4 Series
  • Z-PixQ3 Series
  • Z-PixQ2.5 Series
  • i-Pix5 Series
  • i-Pix4 Series
  • i-Pix3 Series
  • i-Pix2.5 Series
  • i-Pix2 Series
  • i-Pix1.839 series
  • i-Pix1.5625 series



Screen-LED is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of mobile LED screens, founded by Radomir Doberstajn in July 2007. Initially focused on fixed LED displays, the company expanded its product line to include mobile LED screens in 2010, driven by the need to place advertising screens in more flexible locations. 

With a focus on functionality, utility and reliability, Screen-LED aims to provide innovative solutions that effectively address customer problems. The company has produced over 463 mobile LED screens and is supplied to 38 countries worldwide. 

Their products are renowned for their durability in various climates, backed by European certifications. Screen-LED is proud to have a solid portfolio of products that have been road-tested in many countries, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Screen-LED:

  • Specialized in mobile LED screens with a focus on functionality, utility and reliability.
  • Over 16 years of experience in the LED screen business.
  • Produced and shipped 463 mobile LED screens to 38 countries.
  • Products are designed based on practical needs, efficiently solving customers’ problems.
  • Holds European certifications, ensuring product quality and safety.
  • Experienced in organizing the transportation of its products, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction, aiming for profitable investment for customers.

Mobil LED ekran

  • miniPlatformLED | Small platform LED screen trailer
  • SimpLED | Simple LED Screen Trailer
  • PlatformLED | Mobile platform LED screen
  • MobiLED | Enclosed LED screen trailer
  • ContainerLED | Container with large LED screen
  • TruckLED | Custom made truck LED screen
  • BoxLED – digital LED advertising van


Specializing in the final assembly, testing and certification of LED screens, MacroPiX represents a culmination of quality work backed by a team with decades of experience in the field. 

The company’s manufacturing partners are strategically located in Italy and Far East Asia, allowing for a flexible approach to technical specifications and budget requirements. From its headquarters in Italy, MacroPiX markets its displays worldwide, supported by an extensive network of resellers, agents and technical support centres. 

The company has unparalleled market experience, proprietary technology, an extensive worldwide network of partners and control of the entire OEM production line. Its product range is diverse, meeting different technical and budgetary requirements, and is renowned for its superior quality, durability and reliability. MacroPiX invests heavily in R&D, resulting in innovative electronic, electrical and mechanical solutions.

Advantages of MacroPiX:

  • Decades of experience and passion for LED technology.
  • Proprietary technology and a wide range of products.
  • Global network of partners and technical support centers.
  • Full control of OEM production.
  • Ongoing investment in research and development.
  • Exceptional customer service, including 24/7 support and maintenance.
  • Patented energy-efficient products and software.
  • Customizable hardware and software solutions, including remote monitoring and calibration.


LedLIVE® is an industry leader in the LED screen sector in Poland with over a dozen years of market presence. The company specializes in the sale, rental and service of LED screens, offering innovative and transparent solutions for use in a wide range of sectors, including media, advertising, retail, public events and more. 

Led by its CEO, who is not only the founder but also a driving force in the company’s daily pursuit of excellence, LedLIVE® fosters strong customer relationships and ensures the reliability of its services. The company is divided into specialized departments – Sales, Events, Graphics, Design and Technical, Service and Office – each of which contributes to the success of the project with commitment, professionalism, creativity and technical expertise. 

This structured approach enables LedLIVE® to deliver unique and high-quality LED solutions and expand its reach both nationally and internationally.

Benefits of LedLIVE® include

  • A full range of services (sales, rental and service) under one roof.
  • Innovative and transparent LED solutions.
  • Strong focus on customer relationships and satisfaction.
  • Expertise in a wide range of sectors.
  • International market presence.
  • A specialized and collaborative team approach to projects.


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